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My services include everything from 30 minute lessons to season long packages. Everything from fitness oriented help to online lessons. Feel free to contact me for your online lesson today. I also offer lessons at HaningeStrand Golf Club located just south of Stockholm. Come visit our beautiful facility with two golf courses and a state of the art Foresight Sports simulator. Feel free to call any time or send me a message at the bottom of this page to schedule your lesson. 

Online lessons

With modern technology we can do just about anything online. Whether you need help with your driver, short game or putting: all you need to do is record videos both down the line and face on and send them to me. If you want to add data from GCQuad, Trackman or Flightscope you can, but it's not required. Phone consultations are also avaliable through Whatsapp where we can talk face to face.



25 minutes SEK 450

50 minutes SEK 800

Bring a friend

50 minutes SEK 900

online lessons

Swing analysis SEK 500

(Send video & data beforehand)

Video consultation 25 minutes

SEK 800

(send video and data beforehand)

Custom fitting

25 min SEK 400 (SEK 200*)

50 min SEK 800 (SEK 400*)

75 min SEK 1200 (SEK 600*)

Gapping session SEK 800

Ball fitting SEK 500

* Prices with purchase



My simplest lesson package with five opportunities to go through all parts of the game. A lesson with consultation for body and swing, then another four lessons for what we need to work on to advance to the next level

TPI Screen 15 minutes

1x50 minutes

4x25 minute lesson

SEK 2,500



Very similar to the par package, but with longer lessons to have time for so much more. The same plam as the par package, but with more time, we have time to look at your equipment as well as technique. A more complete approach with a better discount for you. Perfect deal for the golfer that wants to make real progress for the next season.

TPI Screen 15 minutes
5x50 minutes

SEK 3,500



For the golfer who really wants to invest time and energy into his/her golf game. Designed for more drastic changes and above all more opportunities for feedback. The perfect package for the golfer who likes to build a relationship with his/her coach. The more we see one another, the easier it is for us to understand each other fully. If you want to take your golf to the next level then this is the package for you.

TPI Screen 15 minutes 
4x50 minutes
4x25 minutes

SEK 4,500 kr

Hole in one package

My most beneficial package for the golfer who wants help all winter.  With ten opportunities, we will be able to go through all parts of your game and also improve your body to take big steps towards your best golf ever. For those who really want to give themselves the chance to become the best golfer possbile, the Hole in one package is highly recommended.

10x50 minutes

(TPI Screen | 2 Playing Lessons | Gapping session | Ball Fitting | Free custom fitting if needed)

SEK 6,000

Custom fitting

Acoording to me, golf performance is 1/3 strategy, 1/3 technique and 1/3 equipment. This means that if you play with the wrong equipment, you're facing an upphill challenge every round. Now is the perfect time to focus on your equipment and technnique so you can focus more on strategy during the season. 

Why custom fitting indoors?

With the help of market-leading GCQuad, we have an optimal environment with minimal variables to evaluate your tendencies. Unlike Trackman, GCQuad uses camera technology instead of radar, which makes it possible to analyze the strike and thus not leave anything to chance. We do not need to take wind or weather into account and can also do the test with your chosen golf ball instead of range balls.

Gapping session

We go through your entire set and check the distances between your clubs. If any clubs gap too much, I adjust loft & lie if possible (otherwise you get a recommendation for alternatives). We also check that the height on your shots is sufficient for your needs. 

Recommended for all golfers.

Ball fitting

Do you want to know which ball is best for your game?  The ball can have more impact on your game than you think. Regardless of your handicap, a change of golf ball can lead to better golf. We look at how the ball performs with your pw, 7 iron and driver to see what suits you best. Everything from premium balls to budget options. 

Testing of new clubs

Whether you are in need of new clubs or just curious, we have options from Cobra & Ping to try out in the perfect environment to build the best set imaginable. I recommend a "gapping session" first to check what is missing also get data to compare against. With a purchase you receive 50% off your entire custom fitting experience.

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